Process + Technology + Vision + Expertise = Your Success

LANimation owns a proud and long history of helping our clients realize business success through the proper and measured application of process and systems. In short we show our clients how to be more profitable through the strategic application of technology carefully mated to people and processes. We are uniquely positioned to provide these services because we have 25-plus years of experience as entrepreneurs and business-builders in our own right who just so happened to learn our craft as technologists. We are able to assess problems from a business-owners' perspective and devise innovative strategies that make the most of out what current technology and talented people have to offer. There is literally nothing outside the scope of our business or technical acumen. We are energizers and drivers of business evolution.

Our specialty is complete technology/process lifecycle management. From vision to proof-of-concept to funding to formal design to project execution, socialization, evaluation, and lifecyle support and beyond, LANimation has expert teams ready to show you how to turn your business goals into reality with the application of practical technologies.

Our domain expertise spans a large cross-section of industries and we can position teams for execution of projects depending on virtually any technology platform from web to wireless, .NET to embedded.

Service Offerings

  • Envisioning
  • Prototyping
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Funding Syndication
  • Formal Design Documents
  • Technical Development
  • Project Management
  • Project Socialization
  • Marketing & Support Collateral